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The “MOT UK Validation Status" plugin is a tool designed to provide users with information about the MOT (Ministry of Transport) validation status of a vehicle in the United Kingdom. The plugin leverages the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) API to retrieve essential details such as the MOT status and MOT expiry date based on the vehicle’s registration number.

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin offers a user-friendly interface that includes a form where users can input a vehicle's registration number.

  2. DVLA API Integration: It integrates with the DVLA API, allowing users to retrieve up-to-date information about a vehicle's MOT status directly from the official DVLA database.

  3. MOT Status and Expiry Date Display: The primary purpose of the plugin is to display crucial information related to a vehicle's MOT validation, focusing on the MOT status (e.g., valid, expired) and the MOT expiry date.

  4. Settings Page: The plugin features a settings page where users can easily configure and set their DVLA API key. This key is essential for accessing the DVLA API and retrieving the required information.

  5. Shortcode Integration: Users can embed a shortcode [mot_validation_status_form] into their posts or pages to display the MOT validation status form. This shortcode streamlines the process of integrating the plugin's functionality into various parts of a WordPress site.

How to Use:

  1. Plugin Activation: Upon activating the plugin, users are prompted to set up their DVLA API key. The API key is necessary for the plugin to communicate with the DVLA API securely.

  2. Settings Configuration: Users can navigate to the plugin's settings page to input and save their DVLA API key. This step ensures that the plugin can make authenticated requests to the DVLA API.

  3. Shortcode Integration: To display the MOT validation status form, users can use the provided shortcode [mot_validation_status_form] in any post or page where they want the form to appear.

  4. Form Input: Website visitors can enter a vehicle's registration number into the form on the site. The plugin then processes this input to retrieve information from the DVLA API.

  5. Information Display: After submitting the form, the plugin communicates with the DVLA API and displays the relevant information, focusing on the MOT status (e.g., whether the MOT is valid or expired) and the MOT expiry date.

  6. Admin Notices: If the DVLA API key is not set, the plugin provides admin notices to remind users to configure their API key through the settings page.

Use Cases:

  • Vehicle Owners: Vehicle owners can use the plugin to quickly check the MOT validation status of their vehicles, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

  • Car Dealerships: Car dealerships can integrate the plugin on their websites to provide potential buyers with real-time information about the MOT status of vehicles in their inventory.

  • Automotive Blogs: Automotive bloggers and enthusiasts can use the plugin to share detailed MOT information in their articles, reviews, or guides.

The “MOT UK Validation Status" plugin serves as a valuable tool for anyone seeking instant access to accurate and current MOT information for vehicles registered in the United Kingdom.


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